[LINK] Studios Urge iinet to Admit Piracy, Stop Wasting Court’s Time

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> Studios Urge ISP to Admit Piracy, Stop Wasting Court’s Time
> Written by enigmax on May 18, 2009
> Several studios are currently engaged in legal action against  
> Australian ISP iiNet. They accuse iiNet of failing to take steps to  
> stop its subscribers from sharing files by disconnecting them from  
> the Internet. Now anti-piracy group AFACT says iiNet should just  
> admit its customers are pirates, and stop wasting the court’s time.
> Several studios including Village Roadshow, Universal Pictures,  
> Warner Bros Entertainment, Paramount Pictures, Sony Pictures  
> Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation, Disney  
> Enterprises, Inc. and the Seven Network (Australia’s top free-to-air  
> broadcaster), announced last year that they were to sue Australian  
> ISP iiNet for copyright infringement.


> Just recently AFACT was forced to drop some of the charges against  
> iiNet, withdrawing the claim that the ISP was the primary copyright  
> infringer and directly responsible when it refused to disconnect  
> alleged pirates within its subscriber base. The allegation, know as  
> “conversion”, is that iiNet interfered with the studio’s “right of  
> possession”, a breach of their rights.


> iiNet chief Michael Malone disagreed, saying that it’s not up to  
> iiNet to admit anything, it’s up to AFACT and the studios to bring  
> the evidence. “If they come and say that a person is committing  
> piracy, it’s their obligation to prove that,” he said.
> The case is due to return to court 9th June 2009.

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