[LINK] Studios Urge iinet to Admit Piracy, Sto p Wasting Court’s Time

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Wed May 20 09:04:00 AEST 2009

At 07:20 AM 20/05/2009, Kim Holburn wrote:

Thanks for that one. There is a comment by AFACT's rep: "AFACT has 
presented evidence of tens of thousands of instances of copyright 
infringement by iiNet's users, "

OK, so say that iiNet closes those accounts. Does AFACT really 
believe those same people are just going to say boo-hoo and not 
reconnect with someone else?

It also makes you wonder what the other ISPs are doing when AFACT 
comes knocking. Are they cutting people off with no further 
investigation? Where is due process in all this for the consumer? 
Don't they have the right to face their accusers? Have we become a 
corporate police state?


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