[LINK] P2P study: Music crackdown is bad for business

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At 10:36 AM 20/05/2009, Chris Gilbey wrote:

>What I have learned recently from someone in the manufacture on demand
>business (software) is that there is actually a mid-tail effect and it
>balances out across all aspects of retail. The long tail is serviced by the
>Internet. The hit driven area of the market is served by traditional bricks
>and mortar retail (as well as some internet sales). The non-hit, but
>non-deep catalogue area appears to be developing as a burn on demand sector.
>This is borne out by the data that I understand is coming from burn on
>demand music retailing where I understand that something in the region of
>26% of the titles that are available tend to be searched on at retail and
>subsequently burned.

from today re books. the linked article is fascinating.

 From Publisher's Lunch
On Demand Books Overtake Traditional Titles for the First Time
Bowker's preliminary data for books published in the US in 2008 shows 
that output from traditional publishers declined by about 3 percent 
to 275,232 new titles. But they project that the number of "on 
demand" books grew 132 percent to 285,394 books, now exceeding the 
traditional titles.

The biggest declines for traditional publishers came in travel (down 
by 15 percent, with 4,817 new titles), fiction (down 11 percent, with 
47,541 new titles the largest of all categories), and religion (down 
14 percent, at 16,847 titles).

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