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Roger Clarke wrote:
> At 16:11 +1000 20/5/09, David Boxall wrote:
>>>  113. This inquest identified that the current system, while having the
>>>  ability to record
>>>  incoming calls, does not have the ability to transfer data or recorded
>>>  calls to other
>>>  agencies. We know that it took four days before the calls that David
>>>  made to
>>>  Ambulance were located and downloaded. It then required the Police to
>>>  send a
>>>  vehicle to the Ambulance Centre at Redfern to pick up the CD and then
>>>  drive it back
>>>  to Katoomba where it could be listened to.
>> How could such an archaism persist into the 21st century?

Particularly, when Police Headquarters are much closer to Redfern than Katoomba.

> I was doing a consultancy assignment some years ago for an 
> [unidentified State] fire authority.
> I had to explain to my client, *during* a meeting with the complete 
> set of emergency services agencies, that they couldn't use privacy 
> law as an excuse not to provide CLI data to the other agencies.
> (APF calls those BOTPAs - Blame it On The Privacy Act).
> The regrettable fact is that emergency services agencies generally 
> seem to suffer from the People's Front of Judaea problem, with 
> emergencies = Romans.

and not just emergency services...the ABC news bulletin kept talking about 
triple oh, the same bulletin had a report of a double murder in Rozelle, and 
what sounded like a police spokesman also used the phrase triple oh and finally 
the current NSW Health minister apologised, to the family, on behalf of the 
triple oh service, managed at the time by the ambulance service.

guess this was one of many incidents that prompted this campaign, though it 
doesn't appear to have been successful
>  Triple Zero (000) Awareness Campaign and Promotional Material
> The national Triple Zero (000) campaign aims to build awareness of the Triple Zero (000) number and educate the community about when to use the number.
> The campaign serves to reinforce to members of the public their responsibilities when calling the Triple Zero (000) emergency number ? both in nominating the required emergency service and identifying the location they are calling from.
> The campaign uses the Internet, newspapers, radio and television to promote messages of Triple Zero (000). In addition, elements of the campaign have been translated to reach culturally and linguistically diverse communities throughout Australia. 

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