[LINK] Democrats launch anti-filtering site

Lea de Groot lealink at viking.org.au
Wed May 20 21:31:50 AEST 2009

On 20/05/2009, at 7:51 PM, Kim Holburn wrote:

> For instance although it might seem that a .com and a .com.au are
> similar, their rules are vastly different.  I doubt the dems could get
> the jobsforaustralia.com domain as I don't think it would obey the
> rules for .com.au:

Actually, what it comes down to is that if you put a site on the  
domain that matches the name - you are pretty much golden.
A few years ago the rules as stated applied really strictly.
Now they have been loosened up so that its ok to park them  
All a political party really needs to put together a site on a com.au  
domain is
* an ABN
* an idea for the site
That'll cover it.

As an aside, as I understand it, the rules are specifically written so  
politicial parties can get asn.au domain names with little more than  
'yes, we are the democrat party'.
Whether or not nointernetcensorship.asn.au would be effective  
marketing is a different issue.

But I really do wonder if a non .au domain on non .au hosting isn't a  
subtle statement about the filter.
Probably too subtle for the people they are trying to inform, though,  
so probably not.

~ can you tell that domain names fascinate me? :)
Lea de Groot
Brisbane, .au

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