[LINK] Democrats launch anti-filtering site

Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Wed May 20 19:51:23 AEST 2009

On 2009/May/20, at 9:18 AM, Darrell Burkey wrote:
> And personally, it annoys the crap out of me that so many Australian
> organisations don't identify themselves as Australian with their  
> domain
> name. What are they hiding?

They had the word Australia in their domain, ummm what are they hiding?

Actually there are a number of reasons why one might not choose a .au  

1. the cost.
2. the cost.
3. the complicated rules.
4. did I mention the cost?

For instance although it might seem that a .com and a .com.au are  
similar, their rules are vastly different.  I doubt the dems could get  
the jobsforaustralia.com domain as I don't think it would obey the  
rules for .com.au:

> 1. To be eligible for a domain name in the com.au 2LD, registrants  
> must be:
> a) an Australian registered company; or
> b) trading under a registered business name in any Australian State  
> or Territory; or
> c) an Australian partnership or sole trader; or
> d) a foreign company licensed to trade in Australia; or
> e) an owner of an Australian Registered Trade Mark; or
> f) an applicant for an Australian Registered Trade Mark; or
> g) an association incorporated in any Australian State or Territory;  
> or
> h) an Australian commercial statutory body.
> 2. Domain names in the com.au 2LD must be:
> a) an exact match, abbreviation or acronym of the registrant’s name  
> or trademark; or
> b) otherwise closely and substantially connected to the registrant.

Maybe they could have got it but it'd be a stretch.

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