[LINK] Democrats launch anti-filtering site

Darrell Burkey darrell.burkey at anu.edu.au
Thu May 21 12:49:54 AEST 2009

From: Stilgherrian <stil at stilgherrian.com>
> Personally, I use a .com domain rather than a .com.au because whether  
> I'm "in Australia" or not isn't especially relevant. I may move one  
> day. I write about global issues (sometimes).

I'm very proud to be Australian and very happy to have that reflected in
the domain names I use. So to me, it's _very_ relevant. But that's not
really the issue. Domain name policy is not based on marketing
perceptions or personal choice as far as I'm aware. I did participate on
the auDA domain name policy review panel for a year. You can too and I
would encourage anyone to do just that and provide appropriate
feedback/input to the process. I'm sure auDA would be very open to
having your input. 


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