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Fri May 22 09:03:38 AEST 2009

On 22/05/2009, at 7:20 AM, Craig Sanders wrote:
> On Thu, May 21, 2009 at 06:18:17AM +1000, Stilgherrian wrote:
>> [Insert standard Link-required whinge that Google Maps requires
>> JavaScript, eats babies and can't be transmitted by Morse telegraph.]
> you completely miss the point about complaints over inappropriate  
> use of
> javascript.

No, I do get all that you describe, Craig. I just don't see it as that  
big a problem in my life. YMMV, of course. Different things annoy or  
anger or are are a risk to different people.

The angle which I do think is worth greater exploration is security...

> encouraging end-users to accept as a matter of course that arbitrary  
> web
> sites will run unknown code on their computer just because they  
> visited
> the site, is encouraging a scenario that inevitably results in the  
> rapid
> spread of viruses and spyware on insecure systems (i.e. those running
> Windows - the majority of desktops).

For the most part I agree. But part of me says this horse has well and  
truly bolted.

And, I think, network security won't ever be solved by users having to  
make better choices because users' knowledge will *always* lag behind  
that of the attackers -- unless they're full-time network security  
types. And even then...

[Good God, I just imagined a world in which *everyone* had the mindset  
of a network security specialist. *shudder*]

While my analysis has some holes, I stand by my post from 2007 quoting  
Ivan Krstic, director of security architecture for the One Laptop Per  
Child project.

     The way modern desktop security works is by relying on the
     user to make informed and sensible choices on things they
     don’t understand.


The question is, given the current reality and the unchangeable  
characteristics of human nature, what practically can be done?


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