[LINK] University of Missouri to require iPod touch or iPhone for Journalism students

Brendan Scott brendansweb at optusnet.com.au
Mon May 25 22:28:47 AEST 2009

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> On 25/05/2009, at 9:07 PM, Brendan Scott wrote:
>> Ivan Trundle wrote:
>>> On 25/05/2009, at 6:01 PM, Jan Whitaker wrote:
>>>> At 05:51 PM 25/05/2009, Ivan Trundle wrote:
>>>>>> There are countless university podcasts which are free, but
>>>>>> unavailable to me because they're only on itunes.
>>>> Are they locked down completely?
>>> No
>>>> Are there iTune converters?
>>> Yes.
>> Neither of these is to the point.  There is no itunes client for linux
>> so putting things on itunes automatically excludes me.
> How a university chooses to distribute its lessons is entirely up to the
> university. If there was not a critical mass of people who use iTunes,
> it would not make the choices that you bewail.

I am astounded by the posts in this thread.  

Tom said "[get it off itunes]". I said "[agree, I'll benefit from that b/c I can't get them atm]" and I got attacked for it? Ivan, possibly thinking I was hard of hearing, did it twice. 

The policy of choosing itunes as the distribution method for open access materials may make an interesting thread* - but not one that I've participated in.

In contrast, one person has chosen to reply off thread with a constructive suggestion about a work around.  

(that person)


* particularly for an ethics list I would guess. 

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