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Kim Holburn kim at holburn.net
Thu May 28 19:01:37 AEST 2009

I saw an article with a guy who was selling an internet radio for your  
car.  I assume it had a mobile phone or used your mobile phone and had  
hundreds of internet radios stations.

At the rate they're going this will be around before digital radio  
gets going seriously. If this's possible why would you bother with  
digital radio?


On 2009/May/28, at 9:00 AM, David Boxall wrote:

> One of these days, we'll get something right.
> <http://www.smh.com.au/news/digital-life/home-entertainment/articles/waiting-for-a-finetune/2009/05/26/1243103546117.html 
> >
>> ...
>> Way out west, history was made on May 4 when Perth became the first
>> Australian city to crank up digital radio. ...
>> I was in Perth this week, so I cruised the electronics shops to see
>> how enthusiastically Australia's most experienced digital radio
>> audience was embracing what Commercial Radio Australia calls its
>> "historic first".
>> ...
>> To summarise, then. The best salesman of the lot had nothing to sell,
>> the salespeople with the best stock charged too much and didn't want
>> to sell it anyway, and the only customer I met knew so much more  
>> about
>> the subject than the salesman that it all got kind of embarrassing.
>> ...
>> As the man at the Good Guys assured me: "Normal old analog radio is
>> going to be around for a long, long time yet - don't worry about  
>> that."
> For the time being, I reckon I'll stick to my lash-up (SD set-top  
> box -
> $59, plus 7" LCD monitor - $48, and ancient speakers - $?). The sound
> could be better, but it receives the Band III test transmissions from
> Sydney OK.
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