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Rick Welykochy rick at praxis.com.au
Thu May 28 19:36:57 AEST 2009

Kim Holburn wrote:

> I saw an article with a guy who was selling an internet radio for your  
> car.  I assume it had a mobile phone or used your mobile phone and had  
> hundreds of internet radios stations.

If you've got iTunes on a Mac, tune into 1000's of online radio
stations. You can dig up just about any kind of content and music
you want.

I agree that online radio is already far outstripping terrestrial
digital radio. The latter, after all, is not capable of being produced
by the masses :)

That said, perhaps a wireless (or, erg, mobile phone) device that
accesses online radio would be more of a killer radio than one
that tunes into terrestrial.


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