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Thanks Stil. Interesting to track BB environments .. for example:

Broadband Choice ISP directory: http://bc.whirlpool.net.au/

» Broadband Choice » Plan Search ..

State & region type data: speed, IP type VIC Region 1, Search results:

Wireless: Telstra $89 Pack $89 /mo  7200/1300 5 GB $250 /GB Up-Counted 

Wireless: OptusNet 'yes' Wireless 6GB(bundle) $49.99 /mo  3600/384 6 GB 
$150 /GB Counted 

(So, 3G around equal speed to your normal 8.192Mb/sec DSL offerings eg,)

DSL: Netspace 8000 / 20 Anytime $79.95 /mo  8192/384 20 GB Shaped Free 

except DSL: Spacelink ADSL2 30G $89.95 /mo  24576/1024 30 GB Shaped Free 

and Cable: Neighbourhood Cable 25GB - Flat Rate $99.95 /mo  30000/2048 25 
GB (+25 GB) Shaped Free 

Stil writes,

> AT&T announced upgrade could deliver downloads at a speed of 7.2
> megabytes per second, compared to the current 3.6 megabytes per second.

Erm, and Telstra's Next G has been using this technology from its very  
inception in October 2006. During my trial, I was getting consistent  
download speeds above 6Mb/s from a network rated 14Mb/s in inner  
Sydney, and that was on HSUPA (optimised for upload) rather than HSDPA  
(optimised for download). Next G now advertises 21Mb/sec download, and  
plans to increase the speed up to 42Mbit/s in 2009.


(The Wikipedia entry would appear to be out of date in terms of what's  
available in terms of modems.)

This announcement is purely about what AT&T's network is capable of,  
not what mobile broadband technology is in production.

> Current devices cannot make use of the faster speed, but AT&T said  
> phones
> and 3G laptop cards that can are under development, according to  
> PCWorld.

Ditto. I don't know what they mean about the cards etc being "under  
development", 'cos you can but them off the shelf from a variety of  
card and handset makers.

Disclosure: Telstra provided Next G for free during my trial period.




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