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On Wed, 7 Oct 2009, Bernard Robertson-Dunn wrote:

> Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
>>> VA Goes Green
>>> Posted by Brandon Friedman
>>> "Wow. These are some fancy handouts."
> Have a look at this document from Hitachi Data Systems on, ironically,
> "The Great Information Glut":
> http://www.hds.com/assets/pdf/apac-site/anz/research-report-great-information-glut.pdf
> It's 2,820 Kb, 36 pages - of which about 12 pages are full or half page
> full colour photographs. There are 7,100 words and numerous pie charts
> and graphs.
> It could have been half the size and not lost any meaning or impact.
> As it is, it's lost on me.

Getting deeper on such "green" issues, We received a box a few weeks ago 
from HP.

The box was big enough to load a couple of servers in or a reasonable size 
bar fridge.

Inside the box was another box.  Inside that box was a collection of 
boxes, each one with some sort of card adaptor or cable, each one 
individually packaged with a note and a sleeve.  The rest of the space was 
plastic "air bags" and such like.

The components inside were "non critical" in nature ie they were just 
chunks of plastic with a dongle.   There was no circuitry or componentry 
of a technical nature.

So, all these items could've been packed into a small Auspost style carton
designed to hold 6 or so DVD's.    Instead it came in this huge packaged 
container style box that was obviously irradiated, dehydrated and fumigated 
and will probably outlast some homes in the local area.

My issue is of course - "what's with all the redundant packaging?!

I guess they do it as assurance that small parts will not get lost, 
but it is just about as green as the glossies I get that end up in the 
recycling bin 10 minutes after receiving them......


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