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> Nina Palay is Artist in Residence at QuestionCopyright.org.
> http://questioncopyright.org/compensation
> > Since we've been in a massive artistic crisis for decades, maybe

An excellent treatise on the lack of reality of copyright as a
methodology to prevent artists from starving.

Although I think Nina may have missed the crucial connection step
between Free Market Forces, monopolies and PR.

In other words, the 3% marketing rule applies. The artist who signs up
with the record company, publisher will obtain marketing to "N" percent
of the population of whom 3% will buy the work.

If that 3% like the work, they will refer it to "N2" percent of their

Any artist that wants to earn millions only has to start up a web page
and give their content away for free for about a year.
My conclusion is that 10-25 items per day given away for free on a
website equal an alexa rating in the top 50,000.

This gives an audience of 15+ million. 

Year two, charge one cent per item.
Year three charge two cents per item.

So simple.

For the authors in the audience, a serialised chapter concept is a good
idea, of five books at once. Three pages per day of each.
For the singers, several different remixes of each song seem to be the
(If you're signed up with Myspace, you can even give away mix tapes that
include other peoples music for free without getting sued by anyone for
copyright infringement. E.g.: Lily Allen with her myfirstmixtape.mp3)

For the Film producers. Multiple three minute scenes on Youtube and in
MP4 format on the web page would seem to be the answer.

Everyone can become a Madonna.
It's not actually rocket science.

That's what the content companies are scared of.

Anyone that doubts this wisdom, should consider the Alexa ranking of
Perceptric.com that has grown in ten months from 4.7 million down to

If Chris and I can do it, anyone can do it. It's not hard. AND - it
doesn't require a publisher, a recording label or a major film studio.

It requires:

A: A dedicated number of minimum postings per day.
B: The postings should have some relevance to the intended audience.
C: During the build-up (reader/fan acquisition) phase advertising should
be nil.
D: Cross postings on multiple internet sites increases Internet


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