[LINK] Top five reasons for Australia to Get a Root-Server.

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> On Oct 12, 2009, at 7:44 AM, Tom Koltai wrote:
> > For Australia to be truly competitive in a world of online e-
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> > a local root-server is not a negotiable item, it is an imperative.
> I am not even going to bother to read this nonsense. Australia has a  
> number of root servers.

Kim, you are undoubtedly referring to the anycasting technique for
cloning a server in multiple locations, all of which respond to the same
IP address and all of which contain identical data. This technique has
recently been applied to the F root server, allowing any suitably
provisioned location to have a root server. 

I still stand by my comments. That this is not good enough.
I have empirical evidence that F-Root server is not an exact clone of US
eastern state servers, therefore there are either problems with the
anycasting protocol or where are being fed a sanitised subset.

A clone of the clone is two units removed from the origin. I would
prefer that Australia's e-commerce initiatives were not and could not be
interdicted by a third party.


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