[LINK] Top five reasons for Australia to Get a Root-Server.

Kim Davies kim at cynosure.com.au
Tue Oct 13 03:23:33 AEDT 2009

Quoting Tom Koltai on Tuesday October 13, 2009:
| I have empirical evidence that F-Root server is not an exact clone of US
| eastern state servers, therefore there are either problems with the
| anycasting protocol or where are being fed a sanitised subset.

While I find this highly unlikely, please share your empirical evidence
and it will be addressed immediately. I am in a position to do so.

How this has escaped the redundant and diverse monitoring networks that
check the root server's contents for consistency is beyond me.

| A clone of the clone is two units removed from the origin. I would
| prefer that Australia's e-commerce initiatives were not and could not be
| interdicted by a third party.

As the link I provided explained, Anycasted servers are not "clones of
a clone". Furthermore, as I am sure you aware, the root zone will be
cryptographically signed in the coming months and it will be proveably
intamperable by root server operators.

Given that root servers only contain delegations of top-level domain,
any tampering would in effect remove TLDs from the Internet (or add new
ones that shouldn't exist). Which RR sets are you having alter in your

Coming back to your original post:

| I can see no valid reason for all traffic to always go via the US or the
| Docklands in the UK, Sweden or Japan.

I can see no valid reason either, so it is a good thing that never happens.


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