[LINK] Sophisticated wireless electricity meters in Victoria

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> Wireless Electricity Meters charge up Victoria
> Australia's leading 4G wireless company, Unwired, has signed 
> an agreement with Victorian electricity distributor, SP 
> AusNet for access to spectrum.
> SP AusNet, as part of the Victorian Advanced Metering 
> Infrastructure (AMI) Program, will provide sophisticated 
> electricity meters to 680,000 households and commercial 
> premises across Victoria over the next four years.
> The agreement between Unwired and SP AusNet means that a 
> state of the art 4G WiMAX network will be built in Victoria 
> to assist in providing smart electricity metering for SP 
> AusNet customers, in accordance with Victorian Government 
> policy. </quote>
> Full press release here:

I'm pleased that finally Seven are starting to use the Unwired bandwidth
for something.
And of course this will justify the build-out of infrastructure that is
required for consumer access.

Well done Kerry Stokes.

I can already hear the gnashing of teeth from the big T.

Smile Australia, we finally have some Telecommunications competition.
(OK will have soon.)


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