[LINK] Sophisticated wireless electricity meters in Victoria

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>> Wireless Electricity Meters charge up Victoria
>> Australia's leading 4G wireless company, Unwired, has signed 
>> an agreement with Victorian electricity distributor, SP 
>> AusNet for access to spectrum.
>> The agreement between Unwired and SP AusNet means that a 
>> state of the art 4G WiMAX network will be built in Victoria 
>> to assist in providing smart electricity metering for SP 
>> AusNet customers, in accordance with Victorian Government 
>> policy. </quote>
>> Full press release here:
> http://www.sevencorporate.com.au/_uploads/Files/Wireless%20Electricity%2
> 0Meters%20charge%20up%20Victoria.pdf
> I'm pleased that finally Seven are starting to use the Unwired bandwidth
> for something.
> And of course this will justify the build-out of infrastructure that is
> required for consumer access.
> Well done Kerry Stokes.
> I can already hear the gnashing of teeth from the big T.
> Smile Australia, we finally have some Telecommunications competition.
> (OK will have soon.)

Though there is still a question as to
the viability of providing a wireless
stationary WiMax network to 680,000
households  - which could already be
covered (or be covered for a better ROI)
by a 3G Data/Voice network from Optus,
Telstra or Vodafone.

As far as the big T goes - the 3G network
is Sol's legacy to Australia.

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