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Brenda Aynsley bpa at iss.net.au
Sun Oct 25 10:54:02 AEDT 2009

This is not an advertisement, but in bringing it up for discussion, I 
guess I am giving it more publicity than it deserves IMHO.

I came across this today at 

Logos for mccrindle research,KPMG, CSIRO, Future Expoloration Network, 
Curtin University, Incept Labs, Fresh, DBL appear and the business of 
the day is directed at:

· Future Forum is designed for senior business executives, department
heads, and leaders of government and non-profit organisations: CEOs, 
Directors, GMs, CIOs, CFOs, HR managers, Sustainability officers, 
Research managers, Innovation managers.
· Essential for leaders in Finance, Manufacturing, FMGC, Retail, 
Professional Services, Hospitality, ICT, Education, Government and the 
Non-profit Sector.

who will learn about:

Where TECHNOLOGY will take business over the next decade
Strategies to manage future ECONOMIC VOLATILITY
Forecasts of Australia’s DEMOGRAPHIC SHIFTS
Insights into the ever-changing CUSTOMER ASPIRATIONS
How to harness ideas and commercialise INNOVATION

and I am staggered that not one woman appears as an expert presenter in 
this forum where 9 speakers are presenting.  The only female in this 
brochure is the little girl sitting on a chair in the middle of the 
fallow field watching snow on the television?

To have some of these organisations associated as collaborators in this 
high priced presentation is astonishing.  Somehow this whole thing 
offends me presenting a future by men, of men, for women.

How say you?

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