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On 25/10/2009, at 10:54 AM, Brenda Aynsley wrote:

> I came across this today at
> http://www.futureforum.com.au/_literature_31157/Future_Forum_Brochure
> <snip>

> I am staggered that not one woman appears as an expert presenter in
> this forum where 9 speakers are presenting.  The only female in this
> brochure is the little girl sitting on a chair in the middle of the
> fallow field watching snow on the television?
> To have some of these organisations associated as collaborators in  
> this
> high priced presentation is astonishing.  Somehow this whole thing
> offends me presenting a future by men, of men, for women.
> How say you?

Couldn't agree more about the gender balance, but where's the 'forum'  
part? The brochure makes no mention of it. As for 'high-priced' - no,  
not really. It's very cheap for such an outing, but there are  
different demographics that can be appealed to with different prices  
(and different speakers).

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