[LINK] Centrelink eyes service delivery makeover

Bernard Robertson-Dunn brd at iimetro.com.au
Thu Sep 3 09:43:14 AEST 2009

Centrelink eyes service delivery makeover
By Ben Grubb
Sep 3, 2009 7:33 AM

A $25 million five-year research alliance between the CSIRO and 
Centrelink will look at new ways to deliver government services.

Innovation minister Kim Carr said the CSIRO would study the way humans 
engaged with government and how that could be improved through 
technology and data analysis.

About 80 staff from Centrelink and the CSIRO were involved in the project.

“By combining research expertise in complex systems analytics, 
information technology, mathematics, statistics and socio-economic 
modelling, CSIRO can help improve the lives of all Australians," Carr 
said in a statement.

CSIRO executive director of development James Moody told iTnews that 
Centrelink wanted to match its service delivery mechanisms with the 
different ways people wanted to be able to access them.

He believed exploration of Centrelink service delivery through social 
networks was an option.

"Younger people may want to have something on Centrelink's website that 
they can interact with," Dr Moody said.

"You might be able to deliver a service through your phone or your 
computer. It's about understanding the systems from the user's point of 

Human services Minister Chris Bowen said the research would allow more 
than six million users of Centrelink to become more self-sufficient "by 
making sure the services [the agency] provides were appropriate and, 
where needed, actively created a circuit-breaker to cycles of welfare 


Bernard Robertson-Dunn
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