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At 03:30 PM 11/09/2009, James Collins you wrote:
> > >Ivan Trundle wrote:
> > >>  Is it just me, or has Google's search box at google.com become much
> > >>  larger (styled font, larger size) and the 'Search' button now an

(made me look)
I get the Australian version. Looks the same to me. But I stumbled across this:
Not being a programmer, it's pretty much greek to me, but I'm sure 
some linkers might find some use for it.

Also interestingly, the Australian version has a link at the bottom 
that says: Go to Google.com. But it returns the .au version still. 
Then I tried: www.google.com/us/ and the error message came back from 
google.com . So I used the search box in that returned error message 
to get google.com results. Seems a very strange way to do it, but it 
worked. And it showed that the results are different between the two. 
The .au site provided a news results result first, then the normal 
stuff. The non-.au site didn't have that.

And yes, the 'open search results' force is in Search settings, top 
right of the main page link. You need to allow cookies for it to 
work, though. Must be a 'state' aspect.


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