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> Lily Allen Distributing Tons Of Copyrighted Music; Blows Way Past  
> Three Strikesfrom the put-the-stone-down-lily,-that's-a-big-glass- 
> house dept
> Really don't want to turn this into an all Lily Allen all the time  
> blog, but reader Peter has sent in something rather interesting:  
> When Lily was first trying to get attention, she created a couple of  
> mixtapes with a ton of songs from other artists... available as MP3  
> downloads, and mixing in her own tracks. This is a well-known  
> tradition in some circles and a great way to get some attention.  
> We're all for it. But... it seems quite hypocritical of Ms. Allen to  
> claim that file sharing is somehow evil and destroying the industry  
> when she appears to be an active participant and used it to promote  
> herself (oh my goodness! free music working as promotion!).  
> According to the tracklisting of the second mixtape, it included 19  
> tracks by artists other than Lily Allen. Both mixtapes (mixtape 1  
> and mixtape 2) are available directly off of Lily's website,  
> LilyAllenMusic.com, which has a copyright notice at the bottom from  
> EMI.
> So, when Lily notes on her anti-piracy blog that:
> Also the government legislation is targeting uploaders -- people  
> that make music available illegally It appears that she actually  
> qualifies. Quite directly. She's offering music from, among others,  
> Jay-Z, Jefferson Airplane, The Specials and The Kinks. Admittedly,  
> it's just a quick look around, but it appears many of the artists  
> whose works she's distributing for free have no connection with EMI.  
> Even if they did, remember EMI was recently claiming that it's never  
> authorized MP3s for distribution for publicity purposes.  Uh oh.
> So... while the hypocrisy of Allen's copying <http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20090921/0527456270.shtml 
> > a Techdirt post was still misunderstood <http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20090922/0310156273.shtml 
> > by some (including Ms. Allen), I'm curious how anyone can say she  
> isn't in serious trouble at this point. She claims that people who  
> make music available illegally should have their internet  
> connections removed. Yet, these two mixtapes, hosted directly on her  
> own (EMI copyrighted) website, seem to suggest a pretty massive  
> illegal distribution attempt. Given how much the music industry was  
> awarded from Jammie Thomas and Joel Tenenbaum for distributing  
> significantly fewer songs... not only should Allen be kicked  
> offline, but she should be fined too. Or am I missing something from  
> the recording industry's "education campaign" on this topic?
> Honestly, this whole thing is so insane, I'm beginning to wonder if  
> the blog and the statements from Lily Allen are really from her. How  
> could someone who is still directly distributing free music from  
> others from her own major label site claim a moral high ground  
> against music being free?

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