[LINK] Members of Parliament - Why Did Your Son Just Buy a One Terabyte Hard-disk?

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Sat Sep 26 05:43:20 AEST 2009

Weekend Magazine boys and girls - my latest Blog on the new file sharing
meme occurring in Australia. 
The hard disk "sneaker net".
Reference point.

As a reference point,  I am a data squirrel. I have most of the data
from all of my computers since 1983. That data fits onto less than one
hundred and twenty gigabytes.

Ask you kids next time you see them, "Just how much storage have you got
on that computer of yours?"

If he says - "40 Gigabytes dad and I need more"... He/she is one of the
few in Australia who are probably not downloading movies.

If he says "Three terabytes Dad and I'm just off to Dick Smiths to buy
another two terabyte disk"... you know that it's time to look long and
hard at the legislation that lobbyists are attempting to convince you to

Your son (or daughter) are not alone; they with other Australians have
come to realise that lack of choice on Foxtel combined with 22 minutes
of advertising on most channels (per hour)is forcing the youth of today
to look for other avenues to obtain their entertainment.

Content companies (despite their claims) are not making sufficient
quantity of material available at reasonable prices.

Therefore your children, and most others in Australia, have only the
following choices:

Rent HD quality movies from iTunes and have them disappear after 24
Buy a permanent low quality movie from iTunes for about $35.00 each.
Buy the $2.00 movies and spending time to rip and convert the movies
Swap movies via sneaker net.
Download via P2P.

Do you really want your children, and all of their friends turned into
criminals because the content industry are sitting back and not
delivering the necessary business model?

The whole story is here..


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