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stephen at melbpc.org.au stephen at melbpc.org.au
Sat Sep 26 01:50:04 AEST 2009

Hi Bernard, Kim, Karl and Syl,

> And (most? all?) mail clients can be configured to render the html
> without loading internet linked resources/images. Sylvano

Yes, true, thanks. Although i must say this webmailer i use offers no
such configuration. However us adjusting to rude behaviour might seem
to miss one main point.

One of the *many* hidden tracking urls in this unsolicited email from 
Australian Super was a photograph of Bernie. That is, a photograph of
the Chairman of the Company is a sneaky-hidden-recorder. That is like
initiating conversation, & some unknown third party recording it with 
dozens of hidden mikes, while not telling you and actively concealing
what they're doing. And, this hiding behind a photo of their Chairman.

Wonder if Bernie knows and approves of 'BF2.jpg' being used like this?

It's slimey, underhand .. and, certainly imho bad corporate behaviour.

I do not care if this is almost normal practice. It should be illegal.   


>> Received an email today from Bernie Fraser and Co (Australian Super).
>> <alt=3D"Mr Bernie Fraser - Independent Director and AustralianSuper 
>> =Investment Chair" src=3D"http://img.dload.com.au/involve/74/BF2.jpg">
>> I don't care if 'tracking' email graphics are normal. Piss off, Bernie.
>> Should be illegal.

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