[LINK] Australia begs residents to accept free fiber connection

Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
Tue Aug 3 10:45:27 AEST 2010

At 09:43 AM 3/08/2010, Richard Chirgwin wrote:
>have been insulation caused; and these 200 represent a failure rate of
>0.05% of the total homes insulated.

1. It's "higher" maths if it involves two levels of calculation, at 
least to "journalists".
2. Not sexy, therefore not a story.

> > Householder: "You want to dig a trench through my garden! To install
> > something I don't want? Go away!"
>7. Which returns to (1), that the NBN Co will be giving notice, not just
>"turning up", and that in most cases, no trench will be required anyhow
>because a conduit already exists. This is why an arrangement with
>Telstra is so important.

Well, if you call the 1 foot ditch I had to dig myself when they put 
in my telephone cable 12 years ago, I guess it's a trench. If they 
really want to dig it up and put it in for free, more power to them. 
At least I won't have to be doing it myself!


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