[LINK] Australia begs residents to accept free fiber connection

Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Tue Aug 3 11:32:38 AEST 2010

Jan Whitaker wrote:
> Well, if you call the 1 foot ditch I had to dig myself when they
> put in my telephone cable 12 years ago, I guess it's a trench. If
> they really want to dig it up and put it in for free, more power
> to them. At least I won't have to be doing it myself!

Trenches are a 100% normal part of supply of these kind of services.

Does anyone seriously think that FTTH won't happen?  It's just a
question of when.  Why not resume swapping floppy disks, or stick with
the hand loom, they worked!

There are big advantages of having a national program in terms of
installation cost, (near-) universal access, and inhibiting monopolistic
practices.  These points can be argued - probably on ideological grounds
- but sooner or later you'll get the trench.



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