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Tom Worthington tom.worthington at tomw.net.au
Wed Aug 4 09:19:49 AEST 2010

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> ... not 'Canberra': it's 'The Australian Capital Territory'. Jervis
> Bay (on the coast) is part of the ACT. So is Hall, Tharwa, and a
> handful of smaller settlements. ...

For most purposes, "Canberra" and "ACT" are the same thing. As an
example, the ABS treats them as the same:

"The Capital City definition of Canberra now extends to include the
entire ACT. While this involves a large change in area from the current
SD the difference in population is minimal. The non-urban component of
the ACT has too small a population to be included in a separate SA4 and
consequently the SA4 defining Canberra must include the entire ACT."

From: Australian Statistical Geography Standard: Design of the
Statistical Areas Level 4, Capital Cities and Statistical Areas Level 3,
ABS, May 2010:

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