[LINK] Australia begs residents to accept free fiber connection

Marghanita da Cruz marghanita at ramin.com.au
Wed Aug 4 10:31:39 AEST 2010

Ivan Trundle wrote:
> I repeat: my mates in Jervis Bay get thoroughly pissed off by this sentiment.
> It's got nothing to do with statistical divisions in the ABS, which are primarily defined to simplify *urban* planning: it's about autonomy, self-respect and sense of community.
> Australian statistical geography standards are used for entirely different purposes: and even these definitions will likely have to change in the future as urban boundaries become less relevant in labour market planning. 

It should be noted that your mates in Jervis Bay are living
in a National Park and should really be lumped with Thredbo
and Perisher and the South Coast of NSW.

NSW has a metropolitan strategey.

With regard to Canberra, it has real issues which do need to
be addressed. Providing fiber  to everyone, for example is
going to be very expensive.

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