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Murdoch wants to take the 'Sky' out of Skype

August 12, 2010 - 8:53AM

British satellite broadcaster BSkyB has confirmed it was locked in a 
dispute with Skype about the Internet phone company's use of the 
"Sky" part of its name.

The five-year battle only came to light when Skype filed documents 
this week ahead of a proposed $US100 million ($109.4 million) 
flotation on New York's NASDAQ stock exchange.

The statement released for the initial public offering (IPO) revealed 
that Skype is contesting a number of challenges from BSkyB over the 
use of the word "Sky" in its brand name and logo.

BSkyB, whose largest shareholder is media baron Rupert Murdoch's News 
Corp, confirmed that it had asked trademark authorities to look into 
the matter.

A BSkyB spokesman said: "In a world where entertainment and 
communications services are increasingly converging, it is clear that 
companies that operate in the same or similar sectors need to ensure 
that they can protect their brands.

"Our research demonstrates that similarities in name and logo have 
the potential to confuse a great many consumers.

"This is of particular concern in respect to Skype wishing to extend 
its trademark applications to cover TV-related products and services."

Skype said in its IPO registration statement that BSkyB was opposing 
it in the European Union, India, Brazil and Norway.

The EU's trademark registration office has already ruled in favour of 
BSkyB over Skype's logo, but Skype said it intends to appeal that decision.


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