[LINK] NBN to be 1Gbps

Tom Koltai tomk at unwired.com.au
Thu Aug 12 21:42:37 AEST 2010

Im not normally a follower... but 

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> On 12/08/2010, at 2:10 PM, Philip Argy wrote:
> > What practical use is 1Gb/s for the majority of people right now?
> And what "practical use" are publicly-funded roads and
> bridges capable of supporting 60-tonne B-double trucks when 
> "the majority of people" just have a car and would therefore 
> be satisfied with a road supporting much lighter load weights?
> What "practical use" is an electrical grid capable of
> delivering 100kW of power to a building when "the majority of 
> people" would be served OK by 10kW? Well, maybe someone wants 
> to run a factory in that building.
> Infrastructure needs to be able to serve the needs of
> high-end users, not just the middle. The "majority of people" 
> don't have to sign up for a 1Gb/s link if they don't want it. 
> But providing the capability for those homes and, more 
> importantly, businesses who DO want or need it if the real issue.
> And this "right now" thinking to be honest sh+ts me to tears.
> When you're building infrastructure that takes years to 
> build, you are building the capability that is needed at the 
> END of that period and beyond, not what is needed at the start.
> Now there are certainly very important questions about
> Labor's approach. The most important one for me is about 
> shunting out the implementation to a separate NBN Co where 
> all sorts of mischief can be hidden via the rubric of 
> "commercial in confidence".
> But quite frankly the "I don't want this myself so why should
> anyone else want it" argument is thoroughly disingenuous.
> Stil

Here here 

and I have very little to add - except, with four adults in the Koltai
household.... 1 GB/ps may just not be quite enough.....

That's only a lousy 250 Mbps each...

Or almost sufficient to stream AVATAR in Digital 3D full sized [ err
that would be 10,000 x 7000 or a total of 70,000,000 pixels].

And to anyone that doesn't know, every one of the devices in this
household can handshake at 1 Gb and exchange data at around 600 Mbps
[and the ingress switching device can also manage that low bandwidth].

So no, one GB would not be wasted. 
Now I just have to find a concave curved wall eight stories high [35.73
m × 29.42 m] and a really neat projector... That will take a FTTH


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