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At 12:15 PM 12/08/2010, Scott Howard you wrote:
>It's not quite as clear as a "xxx GB cap", but it's there.

So it's buried under Internet Help. Bad business 
practice. But the definition of excess is still discretionary.

Interesting how they approach the issue. No caps, 
no throttling automatically. They actually talk 
to the customer to figure out what is going on, 
unlike the mobile data billings in the thousands 
that happens here. This description at least 
gives the end user something to think about:

 From the FAQ:
Rather, here are examples of the type of usage that could be deemed excessive:
• 300,000-500,000 photo downloads in one month
• 40,000 to 80,000 typically sized MP3 music downloads in one month
• 15+ million unique e-mails each month
• Online TV video streaming of 1,000-3,000 30-minute shows each month
• 2-5 million Web page visits (approximately one 
every second, 24 hours per day)
We have a small business and use VoIP for phone 
service over our Qwest Broadband connection,
often with multiple simultaneous calls. Could 
this be considered excessive usage?
Even multiple lines of VoIP phones rarely would be considered excessive usage.
We often watch movies through an online streaming 
Web site. Could that use be considered
Depending on the quality of the streaming it is 
possible to watch multiple movies per day and still not
have use that’s considered excessive. (See examples above.)
I work from home and am connected to a corporate 
VPN five days per week. Could that usage be
determined as excessive?
For the vast majority of VPN and remote desktop 
technologies, even a full-time, work-at-home employee
would rarely exceed usage limits of Qwest Broadband service.

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