[LINK] Google Don't Be Evil (Re: Google Secret Privacy DocumentLeaked)

thoughtmaybe.com community at thoughtmaybe.com
Thu Aug 12 12:28:26 AEST 2010

> On 2010/Aug/11, at 2:59 PM, thoughtmaybe.com wrote:
>> Surely it would be fair to say that the Google motto *is* "Don't Be
>> Evil"
>> since they repeatedly say so themselves?
> Even if you agree that it is their motto, what does it actually mean
> anyway?  What is "evil"?  Does this mean they won't commit genocide,
> cross their heart?  It's not really very specific - or perhaps it is.
> Kim Holburn

Hi Kim

Well that's it. It's not specific at all and certainly is of no real 

I guess I was more interested as to why Roger said there is a falsehood 
about Google having a motto about 'Don't be evil'...

What do you think? 

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