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Jan Whitaker jwhit at melbpc.org.au
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At 09:56 AM 17/08/2010, Tom Worthington wrote:

>This is a relatively modest proposal. The amount set for training
>appears a little low and that for equipment too high. The equipment
>needed for an online video consultation is minimal. An ordinary laptop
>computer, web camera and ADSL connection is more than enough. What is
>needed is training of medical staff in how to use the technology and
>particuarly how to talk to people online.

You've left out half the equation: the patient end, both in terms of 
equipment AND training.
How about talk WITH people online? This isn't a lecture, it's an exchange.

I tried to do training of med personnel in this medium before. It's 
like really herding cats. They don't want to learn and do NOT want to 
have their precious medical time interfered with. It was the most 
dysfunctional training I ever experienced. I'll never do it again 
unless the payment made it worthwhile.


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