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David Boxall david.boxall at hunterlink.net.au
Fri Aug 20 13:55:38 AEST 2010

Mine being an extremely safe seat, there's not much my lower house vote 
can achieve. The Senate is a different story.

I decided to vote below the line. To do so effectively, I need 
information on the candidates. I expected to find that on the AEC's 
website. If not the information itself, then links to information placed 
online by the candidates or their parties. After all, who would nominate 
without bothering to at least put up a web page? Surprisingly, quite a 
few. After a bit of searching, I found 

I'm surprised that electoral legislation doesn't require candidates to 
provide policy details. I'm very surprised and a little angry that 
pulling together the available information was left to a private 
citizen. Surely, it wouldn't cost much for the AEC to provide a little 
web space for each candidate.

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