[LINK] Senate cheatsheet (personalised how-to-vote card) generator

Robin Whittle rw at firstpr.com.au
Fri Aug 20 15:00:53 AEST 2010

A friend pointed me to this site, which makes it easy to reliably vote
for senators, below the line, on an individual basis:


I could drag candidates by party into whatever order I liked, and then
drag individual candidates as desired - including my least favourite
senator to the bottom.  It can generate a one page or multi-page PDF
to print and use as a cheatsheet in the polling booth.

I think this is really snappy Javascript / AJAX programming, though it
would not be usable for blind people.  It automatically stores the
current order as a URL, even if all the selections are not yet
complete.  This can be bookmarked - or emailed.

This is the work of Cameron McCormack.  A little Googling found this
short CV:


     Cameron McCormack is a postgraduate student at Monash
     University in Melbourne, Australia, where he is
     undertaking his PhD. His thesis relates to adaptive
     layout of diagrams, and he has worked on an extension
     to SVG to allow expressions as attribute values. He
     also is an invited expert on the SVG Working Group.
     Cameron has been a committer since 2004, and has
     contributed code mostly related to SMIL animation and
     upcoming SVG 1.2 support.

  - Robin

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