[LINK] And this man would be treasurer?!

Ash Nallawalla ash at melbpc.org.au
Sat Aug 21 11:19:41 AEST 2010

> On 2010/Aug/20, at 4:19 PM, Marghanita da Cruz wrote:
> > PS I quite like Joe Hockey and if we could vote for random members of
> > parliament, I would give him one of my votes.

Me too.

> From: Kim Holburn

> OMG.  The minister for the insurance debacle.   Him and Mr Rabbit, not
> a clue between them.

Profound. "not a clue" -- hopefully, the rest of the country is too cluey
not to waste time with politics. I love watching others getting excited
about politics. I miss Jeff Kennet (sic) in state politics, for it added to
the entertainment in forums/lists, watching semi-literate Labor fans being
unable to spell his name. Ah, they were good years.

Most of the vocal Linkers seem to be Labor/Linux voters, with the occasional
Greens/Microsoft/Mac candidate coming and going over the years. My politics
is simple - I don't give my vote a thought except for a few seconds at the
ballot box - put Labor last and pick almost anyone else at random. I'd vote
Liberal but the ones fielded in Lalor are less known than some independents
who try to get into the local papers and whom I might recall. I'm not
blue-collar, don't like unions and hate being stung by tradies who live
around me in their CUB palaces. A party mechanism that allowed Latham to get
to the top must be flawed. Hence Labor has no love from me. Policies? All
parties change policies once elected.

Ditto Greens - something about Bob Brown's demeanour and the violent
activism of Greenpeace turns me off the colour green. :) I don't like
politicians whose religious views show publicly, so I don't care for Abbott
or Rudd personally. Can't bear to listen to Julia's accent -- even my tradie
acquaintances don't speak like that, which makes me wonder where she picked
it up. It's a lottery at best. I wish there were no parties and we could
vote for individuals based on software similar to match-making
questionnaires. I describe myself and the software would pick candidates who
closely matched my thinking.

I vote for senators below the line to give tally room people some overtime.
Totally irresponsible, I know, but living in Julia's safe Labor seat allows
me this little indulgence. I like http://belowtheline.cc/ 

Off to vote now.

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