[LINK] And this man would be treasurer?!

Rachel Polanskis grove at zeta.org.au
Sat Aug 21 13:13:57 AEST 2010

> Ash wrote,

>  A party mechanism that allowed Latham to get
> to the top must be flawed. Hence Labor has no love from me. Policies? All
> parties change policies once elected.

Is this not the same party mechanism that will allow Abbott the top job?
both parties use the same machine politics behind the scenes, just that one party
tends to be more open about it.  It is very naive to think otherwise.    
The anti-Rudd/Gillard crowing by the slavering right wing media, with the blatant lies
by the Coalition and the hypocrisy around their own processes has been sickening.
The phrase "fair go" springs to mind here, but is probaby wasted....

I fear for my country should we go back to 1996. 

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