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On 26/08/2010, at 10:33 AM, Birch, Jim wrote:
> Stilgherrian wrote:
>> Counting 10 houses, it does indeed look more like a base station every
>> 100m, not every 500m.
> Won't you will also require a lot of channels to separate stations?  A
> signal that reliably penetrates brick walls will also penetrate a lot of
> air.

Closer cells means less power per cell to reduce interference. But of course that leans less ability to penetrate brick. Not so important in the fixed broadband scenario that both Labor's NBN and the Coalition policy propose. But it means that mobile broadband in this environment is less likely, I believe.

> Is spectrum available/obtainable for this kind of transmitter
> density?

According to Conroy, no. At least not until 2014 when the digital TV roll-out is finished. The Coalition's Tony Smith says there is "tradable spectrum" out there. I don't know the details, but the question would be, "Has the cost of this tradable spectrum been factored into the cost of rolling out fixed wireless broadband to the locations in question"? Not that "the locations in question" have been specified.

> Give my regards to Mad King Ludwig II.

Lemon chicken.


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