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2009/12/29 Stilgherrian <stil at stilgherrian.com>:

> I'm not sure where "closely and substantially connected" has been defined, however, or explained through successive cases. Can anyone help here?

It used to be defined, but the definitions were removed years ago.

> One registrar, Enetica, asks you to select from a drop-down list of possible connections -- at least if you're using their reseller interface:

> Name of a service which we provide
> Exact match for business name or trademark
> Abbreviation of business name or trademark
> Acronym of business name or trademark
> Name refers product we build or manufacture
> Refers to program we administer
> Name of event that we sponsor
> Name of activity we teach or train
> Refers to a venue which we operate
> Name of the profession practiced by us or our employees

> I haven't seen this list anywhere else, and it always struck me as a tad arbitrary. So is it just made-up?

These are based on the old rules, replaced in 2005. Compare Schedule C of

auDA's page at http://www.auda.org.au/policies/policy-index/ includes
replaced policies, if you want to dig around more. They only show
three versions of this document, 2002, 2005 and 2008 (currently in

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