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On 06/01/2010, at 12:18 PM, Steven Clark wrote:
> Like a lot of home-built FLOSS, I doubt this person has any such lofty
> ambitions.
> Though if random householders are going to venture into networking,
> usable *and* robust tools are needed. I suspect this will still be
> largely restricted to those with more than a modicum of Linux/Unixen
> know-how: especially as the command prompt is apt to scare many/most
> GUI-tethered technophiles.
> [I tend to think of this kind of distro to be more like iphone apps than
> os replacements per se ...]

Steven what you say is reasonable.

Cutting through my previous snark, I do still have a concern, and that's that householders already DO create their own complex networks by stringing together computers and network-enabled TVs and PlayStations and whatever else, and do so without the knowledge that they are, in fact, creating a network on the Internet.

Note that I don't blame "ignorant n00bz" here. The industry has been selling them on the idea that this all "just works". And, indeed, one of the selling points for Windows Small Business Server 2003 was that you didn't need to be an "expert" to run it, that a small business owner could handle it all themselves. Which is complete rubbish, but there it is.

I know this is ground that Link has trampled over many, many times, but pretending this stuff is easy and that anyone can learn what they need to know in a few quick lessons over coffee is a MASSIVE disservice.


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