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I saw an announcement on NAB doing this late last year (not sure where).  It is based on credit card usage and was capped at a reasonably high transaction value $100.
 It's called payWave: http://www.nab.com.au/paywave

Also found this: http://www.creditcards.com.au/news/2009/11/9/more-banks-now-introducing-contactless-credit-cards-payment-systems/


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I've been asked by a media person about the above.

There are (at last) large numbers of credit-cards in Australia that 
contain a *contact-based* chip.

So far, it appears that (unlike in some other countries) the design 
of the scheme is appropriate, the security risks are under control, 
and the hitherto (low) security of the credit-card system will be 
progressively improved.

But it was news to me that:
(a) cards containing *contactless* chips were being issued here;  and
(b) the contactless chip was being used for credit-card puroposes
     (as distinct from eCash or ticketing).

Any leads gratefully accepted!

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