[LINK] Rupert Murdoch vs. the Internet

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> This has been a consistent problem with Mr Murdoch's rhetoric 
> about content aggregation. It's hard to tell whether it's a 
> deliberate misdirection as part of a bigger plan, or simply 
> that the old guy hasn't actually ever used the Internet 
> himself unaided.
> I have previously written:
> "Dear Rupert, this is how the internet works. Google it." 
> http://www.crikey.com.au/2009/11/10/dear-rupert-this-is-how-th

Of course, the very lawyers from whom he is seeking advice from are also
not really sure how the internet works.
>From ignorance and a falling share price is litigation born.

The more ignorant, the more litigation. 

Oh yeah, did I mention, lawyers make money from litigation? So I guess
in that case, none of his advisors are ever actually going to tell
Rupert the Truth.... 

Lawyer: "Yes Mr. Murdoch sir, we can shut down those blog sites, if we
just sue a few thousand of them for using your material without
permission, the others will turn tail and run."

No. 1 son: "Don't worry dad, I'll get Sky-B running at a profit - just
as soon as I can shut down this pesky little BBC free content site. They
keep giving away the content that we are trying to sell on subscription
for free. Can you imagine that?"

Lawyer: "It's awlrrright Mr. Murdoch, sir, we'll just count the number
of words they used in their news broadcasts that are the same as the
words that we used in our print publications and prove to the court that
they are in fact pilfering our newsprint articles."

Murdoch : "Don't we pilfer their articles?"

Lawyer: " No sir, that would be impossible, We MAKE the news and then
report it before it's made, so actually no-one can beat us to it."

Murdoch: "Yep - sue 'em all".


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