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Defence say their computers, 'sustained about 2400 attacks last year'
I guess that might be nothing compared to what Google must be facing.

Syl writes,

> I see that the Cyber Security Operations Centre is now officially
> launched, according to the Labor party's newsletter item below ...
> Media Statement - 15th Jan 2010 John Faulkner - Minister for Defence

Defence repelled 2400 cyber attacks in 2009 

Nicola Berkovic From: The Australian January 15, 2010 1:50PM 

DEFENCE department computers sustained about 2400 cyber attacks last 
year, Defence Minister John Faulkner revealed today. 

Launching a new cyber warfare centre in Canberra, Senator Faulkner 
outlined the scale of electronic attacks against government operations.

He said Defence investigated about 200 “electronic security incidents” a 
month last year involving its own computers and networks.

Defence also responded to about 220 cyber attacks against other areas of 
the Australian government last year.

Warning there was a “dark side” to technology, Senator Faulkner said the 
new Cyber Security Operations Centre was a significant part of the 
government's response to cyber threats.

“The internet is not only a tool in this battle - cyberspace is a 
battlefield itself,” he said.

The launch of the centre comes amid escalating concern this week over 
Chinese cyber attacks on Google and other major companies.

The media was for the first time allowed to enter the secretive Defence 
Signals Directorate, of which the new centre is part, since its creation 
in 1947.

US Ambassador Jeffrey Bleich, Defence Force Chief Air Chief Marshal Angus 
Houston and other senior officials and diplomats also attended the launch 
of the new centre.

Based within the Defence Signals Directorate in Canberra, the CSOC will 
also draw in staff from the Attorney-General's department, the Australian 
Security Intelligence Organisation, Federal Police and Defence, along 
with scientists, software engineers and security analysts.

Senator Faulkner said the workforce of 51 brought into CSOC from the DSD 
would grow to around 130 within five years.

"The new centre fits naturally with the DSD's role as the nation's 
authority on information security, and the provision of protective 
security advice and assistance," he said. 

"It will also have at its disposal the DSD's high-powered computing 
resources and advanced analytic techniques, which will enable it to 
process large quantities of data."

The CSOC will work alongside the new CERT Australia, which will 
disseminate threat advisories to the private sector and broader community.


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