[LINK] Are GUI design standards no longer relevant?

Birch, Jim Jim.Birch at dhhs.tas.gov.au
Tue Jan 19 16:47:50 AEDT 2010

Fred said:

>Which dialect would you use?

Sorry, I didn't mean fully phonetic rendering but consistent spelling of
phonemes, for example, with the same letter terminating letter or letter
group on through, zoo, flew, cue, Lou, etc.

If a vowel was spoken differently somewhere it wouldn't be an problem.

Where a word is pronounced differently in different places, eg, the
colour maroon rhymes with moon in Scotland and bone in Australia there'd
be a bit of confusion.  We could work through this problem.  When
writing Italian dialect, there's a question of whether to write the word
as spoken in dialect - which is actually the more correct option - or
writing the "standard Italian" word.  They seem to cope.

Exactly the same question arises in English, for example, when CJ Dennis
wrote "Er name's Doreen. I seen 'er in the markit first uv all,
Inspectin' brums at Steeny Isaacs' stall."  Using consistent spelling
wouldn't change this.

As for Afferbeck Lauder's "Airman pickle semmich", that was just
intended to confuse and thus amuse.  



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