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>                            CALL FOR PAPERS
>                                   SPOT2010
>                       Second International Workshop on
>                Trust and Privacy on the Social and Semantic Web
>                       http://spot.semanticweb.org/2010/
>                           Co-located with ESWC2010
>             (the 7th European / Extended Semantic Web Conference)
> The Semantic Web is becoming reality as it is an integrated component of the Web
> we are browsing everyday - be it the Open Linked Data movement that nowadays
> exposes over 10 billion triples of RDF or the annotated and structured
> information available on Web pages used by major search engines, such as Yahoo!
> SearchMonkey and Google. Moreover, social data about people and their
> interaction is made available in machine-understandable format in projects like
> FOAF or SIOC. Facing this amount of data, privacy and trust consideration is an
> important step to take right now. The challenging research questions arising
> from this movement include:
> * How do people know that the data gathered from several sources for reasoning
> purposes can be trusted?
> * How can one avoid that personal data exposed on the Semantic Web will be
> combined with other available semantic data in a way that sensitive information
> may be revealed?
> * How shall a safe reasoning process look like that does not end up in a
> conflict only because a single Semantic Web peer exposed a contradiction?
> We expect discussions and results concerning questions like these at SPOT2010
> leading to solutions and research results in the realm of Semantic Web and
> social data for the pervasive issue of privacy and trust on the Web.
> ================================
> The list of topics that aims to be covered by the workshop include, but is not
> limited to:
> Semantic Technologies for Trust and Privacy on the Web
>  * Privacy by generalization of answers
>  * Ontologies for trust and privacy
>  * Semantic Web policies
>  * Usage control and accountability
>  * Policy representation and reasoning
>  * Semantic Web technologies for access control
> Trusted Knowledge Representation and Reasoning on the Semantic Web
>  * Data provenance and trustworthiness of knowledge sources
>  * Trust-enabled linked data
>  * Ontology hijacking
>  * Scalability of trust and privacy on the Semantic Web
> Trust and Privacy for Social Applications
>  * Trust and privacy in social online communities (e.g., SIOC)
>  * Privacy in Semantic Web sharing applications (e.g., semantic desktop)
>  * User profiling and modeling vs. privacy
>  * Privacy and community mining
>  * Trust and reputation metrics
>  * Usage mining and policy extraction
>  * Privacy awareness in social communities
>  * The Semantic Web as a trust enabler
>  * Social Network annoyance, social software fatigue, social spam
>  * Managing information overload on the Social Web with privacy metrics
>  * Trust and privacy for social software on mobile devices
> ================================
> Papers will have to be formatted using the Springer Publications format for
> Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Submissions for the Research Papers
> and Demos and Applications will be made using the EasyChair Conference System,
> and proceedings of the papers will be provided through the CEUR online service.
> The following types of contributions are welcome:
> * Research Papers:
> short (up to 6 pages) and full (up to 12 pages) technical papers that aims to
> explore how Semantic Web technologies can provide solutions to trust and privacy
> issues on the Web, focusing on one or more topics from the various ones
> identified within the main CFP. Especially, we very welcome papers focusing on
> theoretical work as well as applications regarding the benefits of Semantic Web
> technologies to solve these issues. The papers should clearly define the
> motivation of the work with relevant scenarios and should also provide a clear
> overview and evaluation of the benefits of the proposed approaches;
> * Demos and Applications:
> participants have to submit a two-page paper containing a demo description
> together with a URI where the demo is available on-line and meeting the
> following conditions: (1) It must use Semantic Web technologies (such as RDF,
> SPARQL, FOAF, SIOC, etc.); (2) It must deal with person or person-related
> semantic data (such as profiles, buddylists, reviews, comments, etc.) and (3)
> additionally, the demo may operate on a real social platform, such as MySpace,
> Facebook, netvibes or iGoogle.
> Papers shall be submitted in PDF format to
> http://www.easychair.org/conferences/?conf=spot2010
> ================================
> Submission deadline:           March 7, 2010 (23:59 pm Hawaii time, GMT-10)
> Notification of acceptance:    April 5, 2010
> Camera-ready paper submission: April 18, 2010
> Workshop:                      May 30 or May 31, 2010
> ================================
> The workshop will be co-located with the ESWC in Heraklion (Greece), and will
> be held on the 30th or 31st of May 2010. The workshop will consist of:
> Keynote:
> To be announced.
> Research Track:
> Full papers will be presented at the workshop in a 25 minutes session including
> a discussion. We may add small panel sessions at the end of each research
> session where the presenters are the panelists in order to foster discussion and
> comparisons about the papers presented.
> Demo and Application Track:
> In order to stimulate discussions including practitioners and highlight future
> directions we plan to include a Demo and Application track. In contrast to the
> research track, there will be different rules for submissions: participants have
> to submit a two-page paper containing a demo description together with a URI
> where the demo is available on-line and meeting the following conditions
> Lightning Talks Track:
> We will provide a way for people to present feed- back on research track talks,
> as well as controversial topics potentially fostering discussions after the
> workshop. We envision short talks (three minutes maximum).
> ================================
> Philipp Kaerger,   L3S Research Center, Germany (http://www.L3S.de/~kaerger)
> Daniel Olmedilla,  Telefonica R&D, Spain        (http://www.olmedilla.info)
> Alexandre Passant, DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland    (http://apassant.net)
> Axel Polleres,     DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland    (http://polleres.net)
> For any enquiries about the workshop, please contact us at
> spot2010 [at] easychair [dot] org.
> ================================
> Chris Bizer,  Freie Universitaet Berlin, Germany
> John Breslin,  DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
> Dan Brickley,  FOAF Project, World
> Juri Luca De Coi,  L3S Research Center, Germany
> Stefan Decker,  DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
> Fabien Gandon,  INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, France
> Harry Halpin,  University of Edinburgh, UK
> Olaf Hartig,  Humboldt-Universitaet zu Berlin, Germany
> Michael Hausenblas,  DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
> Philipp Kaerger,  L3S Research Center, Germany
> Lalana Kagal,  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
> Jens Lehmann, Universitaet Leipzig, Germany
> Javier Lopez,  University of Malaga, Spain
> Fabio Martinelli,  National Research Council - C.N.R., Italy
> Daniel Olmedilla, Telefonica R&D, Spain
> Sascha Ossowski,  Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain
> Alexandre Passant, DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
> Axel Polleres, DERI, NUI Galway, Ireland
> Matthew Rowe, University of Sheffield, UK
> Simon Schenk,  University of Koblenz-Landau
> Daniel Schwabe,  Pontificia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
> Jean-Marc Seigneur,  University of Geneva, Switzerland
> Carles Sierra, IIIA CSIC, Spain
> Milan Stankovic,  Hypios.com & LaLIC, Universite Paris IV Sorbonne, France
> Henry Story,  Sun Microsystems, France
> Alessandra Toninelli,  Universita di Bologna, Italy
> Mischa Tuffield, Garlik, UK
> Claudia Wagner,  Joanneum Research, Austria
> ================================
> The SPOT2010 Workshop is supported by the EU funded COST Action IC0801 -
> Agreement Technologies (AT) and by the Science Foundation Ireland under grant
> number SFI/08/CE/I1380 (Lion 2).

Marghanita da Cruz
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