[LINK] smart meter program

Michael Still mikal at stillhq.com
Wed Jan 20 21:29:31 AEDT 2010

Jan Whitaker wrote:
>  From $600 million to $2.25BILLION. They are already charging people 
> on their bills for the meters even though they aren't installed yet. 
> How is that within any semblance of Fair Trading requirements? "Here, 
> honey, pay for this device, and if the program manages to meet it's 
> objectives, you just might see some benefit in about 4 years." This 
> is in Victoria. I haven't seen it on my bill yet.
> The world has gone mad. Or maybe it's just governments. I just heard 
> this project described as the Myki of the electrical industry. Of 
> course that was said by an opposition leader who has about as much 
> cred in the community as George Bush.


I've been eyeing off a Current Cost, but that's only $160 AUD for a 
clamp on sensor (over the main power feed for the house), a wireless 
display for inside the house, and a data cable to download the data to a 
PC for analysis.



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