[LINK] more on interface design

Ivan Trundle ivan at itrundle.com
Sun Jan 24 07:53:50 AEDT 2010

On 24/01/2010, at 12:00 AM, Steven Clark wrote:

> The input device is less precise, but I am still manipulating icons on a
> screen. Hardly a revolutionary interface idea.

True, but the range of possible options in manipulating the interface is different, so the interface doesn't have to be the same. Most iPhone apps don't use 'drop-down menus' but rather encourage gesture control (pinching, zooming, rotating, shaking) which mostly don't have iconic representation on the screen.

It is pointing to (pardon the pun) a different understanding of how a GUI works, using totally different controls. The upcoming Apple tablet extends this further (apparently) in ways which involve a different set of skills not required in any other GUI.


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