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Floodgates open for cyber-bullying writs

Mon Jan 25 20102 hours 13 minutes ago By ninemsn staff
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The floodgates have been open for those bullied online to sue their 
tormentors, a US lawyer claims. 

Since a US judge ordered Google to hand over the email address of a woman 
calling another a "skank" in a blog, those who have been anonymously 
slagged off in blogs have some hope of fighting back, according lawyer 
Steven Wagner. 

He acted on behalf of model Liskula Cohen who wanted to know who was 
anonymously calling her a skank online. 

A judge then ordered Google to turnover information about a blogger 
called Rosemary Hart, so that a suit of defamation could be prepared. 

According to internet attorney John Dozier Jr, the decision has given 
hope to others whose reputations and businesses have been ruined by smear 

The Post lists other cases which may benefit from the new disclosure 
precedent, including one business owner whose name, when Googled, calls 
up a false website in which a competitor anonymously claims that the 
business is a sham. 

Google allegedly refused to take down the defamatory website. 

Dozier is also targeting a “virtual hit man” who allegedly launched two 
fake sites claiming his client worked as a prostitute and struggles with 
heroin addiction. 

He says both claims are completely untrue and plans to use the new 
precedent to get Google to hand over vital records. 



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