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Earlier in the month, Prof Roger Clarke pointed out that the new contactless EFTPOS and credit cards may have a different consumer risk profile under the EFT code adopted by the banks.

Well, in yesterday's "Patch Monday" podcast there was a warning that hackers are now specifically targeting debit cards rather than credit cards because from their point of view it's easier -- they've effectively got cash, not a to-be-confirmed credit card transaction.


Mark Goudie, who heads the forensics practice at Verizon Business in Melbourne, said:

"They're now targeting not credit cards but debit cards, your bank account, a bit of a different paradigm than what we're used to seeing. What we've seen a lot of in the past is the credit card companies and the banks accept the risk in a large number of cases. But a debit card being targeted, that actually affects your balance of money, and the onus of proof that it was not you that made that transaction is shifted squarely back to the individual. So that's a dramatic shift, and from the attacker's point of view it's a lot better for them because they don't have to effectively sell stolen goods, they've got cash." 

Enjoy. I guess.


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